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close your ab separation and power up your pelvic floor with my "no jargon" strong core and pelvic floor program.


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After 6 kids, my pelvic floor was like a smashed egg.  I’d laugh and pee myself.  I’d get out of bed and see a big wet patch.  I got to know beforehand where every single toilet was wherever I went. 

I wouldn’t leave the house without a bag full of pads. 

I couldn’t imagine running and I was terrified of sex (it hurt so much).

 Poor Julius lol.

But it’s not just me.  Over the years I’ve had countless mums asking me how to fix their weakened pelvic floor (and ab separation). 

I just didn’t have a solution to FIX it yet, so I helped by creating exercises that would work around the problem.

But working around the problem is not fixing the problem, right?


I tried kegel exercises and bought the few programs on the internet that were supposed to help, but I found all they did was bring back some strength. 


My pelvic floor was injured, and needed to repair, but was I resigned to always being a little weaker down there? 


And most women who’ve tried them would agree.  A little bit better is something we have to settle with.  A slight improvement.

 "If I could just walk without peeing, that would be ok.  Right?"


I’d settle for that. 


what… the… fuck??

Why should we settle?

If you’ve done my FHHM program, you know that being a mum doesn’t mean “settling” for anything.  It means empowerment and strength.  Doing whatever you want.  It means being BETTER than you were before you had kids.  Because you’ve transformed…

The caterpillar turns into the butterfly.  Not the other way around.


Seriously, how can we be this powerful, confident, courageous MOTHER…

and still wet ourselves?

 Should we just settle for that?


I didn’t think so,

 So I set out to fix my broken egg.


I used what I learned from the physios, surgeons and programs and added my specialty into it. 

Strength training. 

See, I know how to make a mother's body strong.  Physically. 

The Pelvic floor is part of the core, it is made up of muscles.  Muscles can be repaired if they’re injured, and they can be STRENGTHENED beyond their previous state.  I wanted to see if I could make my pelvic floor stronger than it had ever been.

Here’s the process I outlined for myself:

Deep inside I knew it was possible.  After 6 kids, I was able to take my sloppy mom bod and make it stronger, fitter and lighter than I had ever been in my life.  I had a powerful body.  A power bod.  How about I made a powerful pelvic floor. 

A power core.

Julius calls it a power muff.  It cracks me up every time.  I laugh so hard, and guess what?

I don’t pee.

I don’t even think about peeing.  The work I did on my broken egg not only fixed it, it made it stronger.  Much stronger.  

I never even imagined what that would mean for me.

What you get with a stronger core:

  • no more wetting yourself
  • a slimmer waist
  • a flatter stomach
  • no more back pain
  • less injury risk
  • lessened period pain
  • able to carry bigger kids around with ease
  • stand up for longer without feeling like you need to sit down

And I can't even BEGIN to explain to you what a stronger vagina does for your sex life!

The power, the stamina, the control, combined with more blood flow, more nerve endings and much more lubrication?


No more "headaches" or faking it.  You won't believe what this will do for your relationship.

I'll let Toni give you a hint of what's possible...

The core is the most important part of the human body. 

It houses so many vital organs as well as your entire reproductive system. 

This is where the future of humanity comes from.

It’s what makes us women.  It’s what gives us our power, but we’ve resigned to leaving it to rot and whither away?

Believe me, if you start loving, strengthening and investing time and love in your pelvic floor and core, it gives you back life like you never imagined it.

Let me help you with that…

I can show you the exact process I went through to repair the injury, regain control, and best of all - make it stronger than its ever been in my life.

Click below to get instant access to the program.  It’s only $37 and you get lifetime access (no more to pay ever). 

I’ve explained everything in great detail (and a lot of giggling!)  It’s definitely not some boring assed ebook or scripted program. 

It’s just so much fun!


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